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Join the agencies and clients who are using CPO marketing, collecting consumer opted in data, promoting their brands and growing their businesses.


Join the publishers who use the technology to generate more registered users, more visitors, and new revenue streams.

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Attract More Customers

Build a database of people who want to talk to you. Whether you’re looking to increase the size of your database, bring in new website visitors, grow online sales or create a prospect list to target new customers, THE DATA PLATFORM can help you.

Why pay per opt in ?

If you are a local business, a call centre, an SME, a marketing agency or a large corporation looking for more customers, THE DATA PLATFORM can help you. You only pay for the people who opt in to hear from you, for a price similar to Cost Per Click. You will receive their contact details and the permission (as well as a request) to start communicating with the individual.

Reach the right people at the right time

Your business or service will be seen by people across a number of different publications who fit the demographics of your consumers. They are then given the option to opt-in and hear from you. This saves you time, money, and means you can be confident that you are only purchasing non-incentivised, genuine people. This allows you to grow and develop your business.

If you need us we are here

THE DATA PLATFORM is built to be simple to use - but that does not mean we are not here to help. You can call us during office hours Monday - Friday on 01142 666165 where we will be happy to discuss how it all works, give advice on campaigns, how you can take your experience to the next level, and access more features of THE DATA PLATFORM.

Benefits of The data platform

For several years, we have been developing simple and compliant ways to collect data, rent data, verify data and monetise data via a simple platform. The versatility of the platform means you can use as little or as many of the products as you require. It integrates smoothly with other systems or can be used efficiently as a standalone product. The people behind THE DATA PLATFORM are experienced in technology, innovation, and data marketing. They are honest, available and understand that compliant data is essential to successful marketing. THE DATA PLATFORM provides leading edge technology combined with approachable and experienced individuals who want to work with you to maximise success.


Use THE DATA PLATFORM to set up and manage your CPO campaigns. You can build your own campaigns, invest in a system to store and validate your data and/or approach publishers & suppliers to run your campaigns.

You build a branded advert asking the people who view it if they want to hear from you.

You ask them to provide any other relevant information.

You give them a clear Yes or No option to hear from you.

You choose the type of people and publications you want to display it to.

The opt-in is then validated once people say yes.

You pay for the verified people and start to communicate with them.

How does Cost Per Opt-in (CPO) marketing differ from other pricing models?

For many of the pricing models available in marketing, data is often sourced and purchased in bulk. Models such as CPM and CPC marketing exemplify this, as advertisers are charged either per 1000 records or per click. These marketing methods can work effectively, but the advantage of CPO is that you are only paying for the individual at the point where they want to engage with you. It means the publisher will only show it to relevant people, your marketing spend is more accountable, and the people receiving your marketing communications have actually asked to receive them. This reinforces that by keeping the publisher, the user, and the advertiser happy and informed, the results will be optimised.


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