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Cost Per Opt-in, often abbreviated as CPO, is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for an explicit opt in (permission) from a consumer interested in the advertiser's offer. Once a consumer opts-in, the advertiser receives their contact details to communicate with on an ongoing basis. CPO marketing also enables you to collect extra information and profile the advert to a specific audience of your chosen demographics.

All data opted in by brand is collected through the integrated suppliers and verified with name check, postal validation , email validation, telephone validation and preference services before being delivered to the end client.

CPO marketing should always be:

· Non-incentivised.
· Clear to the consumer what they are signing up for.
· Evident where the opt-in permission is being given
· Apparent to the advertiser where the advert is being promoted.
· Transparent at every step of the way.
· Opted in at brand level.
· Have an option for consumers to decline.

The increase in this type of marketing is due to a number of factors, but if it is not something you already have in your marketing plans then it is certainly worth checking out.

How does CPO marketing differ from Lead Generation and Co-sponsor?

With Lead Generation and Co-sponsor activity, the leads sourced are typically collected through large surveys where users are invited to opt in to multiple campaigns at the same time. The primary difference with CPO marketing is that the user is clearly opting into a specific brand. There is always a clear option to select no, there is no incentive for signing up to the brand, and the place where the user sees the opportunity to sign up is made freely available to the advertiser (as opposed to the secrecy which is often associated with co-reg).

Other marketing terms include cost per lead (CPL). This differs from the CPO model as leads generated through this method are often collected through a generic sign up used by multiple companies. With CPO however, the sign up is specifically to your brand. By clearly displaying the brand at the point of opt-in, the user is aware of exactly who they are signing up to and what they can expect to receive. This in turn will increase the engagement and success of the marketing information.

Why CPO is increasing in popularity

Compliant with the new data laws

Fully compliant with the new data laws and guidelines. Focusing on a clear opt-in and obtaining this prior to any communications means that it exceeds the legal minimum and follows the highest levels of best practice.

Clear and non-incentivised sign up

If a consumer is shown a clear, non-incentivised option to sign up and hear from a brand, then they are left with a positive experience. The ones who say 'no' are happy they got the option and the ones who say 'yes' will then respond positively when they receive the brand's marketing messages and ongoing communication.

Keeps all three parties informed

It works for the brand advertiser, the publisher promoting the advert, and the individual engaging with the advert. By keeping all three parties happy and fully informed, the optimum conversion rates are achieved.


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