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Lead Generation, Co Reg & Data Capture

Access to new profiled people keen to receive information from your brand. Read our getting started guide to see how you can get new traffic sources and utilise THE DATA PLATFORM to increase the success of your campaigns.


SMS, Email, Postal, Telephone

Data is contributed via our own or exclusively managed permission based websites. These sites have been chosen specifically to ensure optimum quality. Run counts, Rent data, Check compliance all in one place.

Data Validation

TPS, MPS, Email Validation, HLR, Telephone Validation

Ensuring the data is valid at the point of collection, and when maintaining your existing database. A simple method to add validation to your registration page and to check the data you are purchasing before you accept it as well as updating your existing database.

Data Append

Email, Mobile, Landline, Postal

Enhance your consumer database by adding extra profiling information or missing data fields. The benefits include: keeping in regular contact with customers, enormous reductions in cost, and the opportunity for multi-channel marketing.

Data compliance

Authorised, Lawful, Honest,

At the forefront of everything we do. Receive interesting blogs, White Papers and Tips to ensure your data is compliant. We recommend visiting Direct Marketing Association and ICO

Verifying the data you collect

THE DATA PLATFORM is much more than a validation tool, but that does not mean that validation does not play a vital part in the collection and maintenance of data.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign, it is important that you have a valid contact channel and consumers are not registered with any of the preference services to ensure that you are compliant. By not following these practices, you could potentially be communicating unwanted content to recipients.
All data opted in by brand is collected through the integrated suppliers and verified with name check, postal validation , email validation, telephone validation and preference services before being delivered to the end client.

You can also use these tools for people registering on your own website, for using your own suppliers to collect data, and to validate your existing database.

Live Validation
This resource occurs at the point of lead collection. Once you receive a new sign up, you will be able to either accept the new registration and add it to your database, or inform the user what information is not valid so that they can then correct it. You simply buy credit and implement the API at the point of collection.

Lead Validation
If you are using THE DATA PLATFORM to collect your data, you can set up different levels of validation to ensure that you are only collecting and paying for completely valid leads. With the integrated suppliers on the Platform this is done as standard, but if you choose to add any additional suppliers, you can also switch this on.

Bulk Validation
This tool enables you to upload a data file onto the system to be cleaned and validated. Once completed, you will then receive the returned document indicating which leads are live and valid.


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