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Shine Creative Solutions LTD

"Always Swift, Helpful and Efficient"

I am responsible for setting up promotions, ticket offers and partnerships for our Clients which are pre-dominantly theatre show and exhibitions. We have run a number of campaigns for several of our Clients with THE DATA PLATFORM on a selection of the women’s magazines websites that they manage. Some of these campaigns have utilised the data capture element which we have found beneficial for then contacting those who have entered the competition but not won, with a special discounted ticket offer. The service is always swift, helpful and efficient all the way through the process, from finding out availability for activity to run and receiving proofs through at the end of a campaign. They offer a wide range of online magazine sites suiting various different target markets.

Jane Parker
Creative Solutions Manager

Fuse Lead Marketing

"Ideas about how to Improve Results"

We have used THE DATA PLATFORM and their suite of white label co-registration sites extensively for over 7 years. Online lead generation is a fantastically flexible channel, allowing you to harvest millions of prospects at relatively low costs. Lead generation is a fast-moving industry and we require our supplier base to be very agile. THE DATA PLATFORM excel in this respect - being especially good communicators, implementing changes quickly whilst also coming up with ideas about how to improve results. Good working relationships are key to a successful campaign with many of our suppliers increasingly seen as partners. I look forward to continue working with THE DATA PLATFORM in the long-term future.

Peter Bell
Managing Director

Bellevue Marketing

"Target Potential Customers"
Bellevue Marketing arranges reader offer promotions for a large number of hotel groups and independent properties in the UK and Ireland. I have worked with THE DATA PLATFORM to set up data capture campaigns, which gathered email addresses to enable my hotel clients to target potential customers. THE DATA PLATFORM offer a wide range of websites representing major UK magazines and I was happy with the service I received. I would recommend this service to any company wishing to reach a wide audience in the UK.
Peter Gibbs
Digital Account Manager

All Response Media

"Always Swift, Helpful and Efficient"

The client service team here are second to none and have been extremely helpful throughout our time working together. The main benefit of the campaign was receiving high quality leads at scale. Their main strengths are the volume of opt-ins provided and the reasonable costs applied. The delivery of high quality leads has been a key factor in hitting some of our key clients KPI’s and from this I would recommend their service. The team are very open and responsive and I am happy with the service received.

Daniel Lawrence
Digital Account Manager

Media Bounty LTD

"Maximise Exposure for our Clients"
I have worked with many of the team at THE DATA PLATFORM and have always been pleased with their work ethic, speed and efficiency. THE DATAPLATFORM speedy response is key to us. We often need to get promotional activity live very quickly, and they have the ability to do that. Proving copy and images in the set requirements ensures we maximise exposure for our clients. I would definitely recommend THE DATA PLATFORM to anyone who needs to get quick, effective and responsive promotional coverage for their clients.
John Dugdale
Head of Media Planning

Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa

"Easy to use and very simple to follow"
The main benefit of us running a competition with THE DATA PLATFORM is the coordinated approach - fewer people to deal with, quick and efficient process and great titles to choose from. I am definitely happy with the service I receive, it's quick, easy to use and very simple to follow through. I would recommend THE DATA PLATFORM for the great choice of magazine titles they work with which allows us to tailor what best fits our brand. Also having one point of contact makes my life so much easier and Kelly's great - she replies quickly and efficiently and as I am new to the company doesn't seem to bore of me asking the same questions time and time again.
Natasha Hatwell
Marketing Executive


"Quick and simple forms for the relevant target audience. I am very happy with the service I receive, staff are very polite"

I have run multiple competitions with THE DATA PLATFORM across various magazine titles to create brand awareness and link backs to our website.The opportunity to feature on big publication websites without having to liaise with lots of contacts is one of the main benefits. Also there is no big fee for running a competition if you just want brand awareness.Quick and simple forms for the relevant target audience. I am very happy with the service I receive, staff are very polite, no fuss and the process was easy to complete and organise. I would recommend THE DATA PLATFORM. Fast, efficient and friendly.

Tara Maycock
PR Executive and Copywriter
Mountain View

Bleat PR

"extensive network of media/brands"

THE DATA PLATFORM has an extensive network of media/brands. The company knows their brand partners well and readily offers sound advice on promoting a competition through their channels. We have worked with THE DATA PLATFORM for several of our brands/clients and always had very good feedback and results. We were really happy with the service we received and the staff are always very quick to respond. Very good company to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending THE DATA PLATFORM. Very efficient yet friendly staff. Communication is clear and followed up in a timely manner

Kathryn Lamb
A Joint Partner of Bleat


"On Hand to Help"

The main benefit THE DATA PLATFORM is the great value of the data capture and good title affiliation. THE DATA PLATFORM are very efficient and can adapt well to last minute changes/amendments which can often be the case in PR. I am very happy with the service I receive and would absolutely recommend THE DATA PLATFORM and I say this because in our fast paced environment it is great to work with an external party who is flexible, speedy with email responses and on hand to help and guide often with very short notice.

Stacey Dow
Senior Account Manager

A fashion client looking to find an alternative to Google Cost-per-click.

A fashion client is currently using Google Cost-per-click advertising to gain new customers. The price they were paying for Cost-per-click was steadily increasing and the volume of customers decreasing, so they undertook a test of numerous marketing methods to find an additional/alternative way to gain new customers. CPO marketing was one of the options they tested.

The advert they set up described the brand, asked if people would like to sign up to the newsletter, and offered free postage and packing on their first order. The advert was set to 60p per opted in record and was shown nationally to females aged 30+. They set their volume requirement to 10,000 opted in people.

In just under a month, the brand had collected 10,000 opted in unique people (an additional 483 were rejected because they were already on the client’s database).

We set up the first email communication through THE DATA PLATFORM and the open rates were 48% and the click through rate 32%. The opted in records were fed automatically in to the client’s database where they were added to the normal communication strategy. In terms of basket sales, it performed in third place (after people who registered on the site and after Google Cost-per-click). However, when you factored in the price per acquisition of 60p, it moved into first place in terms of acquisition costs.

CPO marketing is now a regular part of the marketing mix for this client.

A new gym wanted to recruit new members by offering a month’s free trial

An advert was built using THE DATA PLATFORM. It included the logo of the gym and explained about the free month’s trial. They asked people if they would like a one-month free trial and asked them to select which gym they would like to take it at.

The client requested the Full Name, Postal Address, Email Address and Telephone Number of each opted in user. The cost of each opted in person who asked to take part in the trial was £1. The client set the volume to collect 2000 new people.

Of the 2000 people who said they were interested, 600 then went on to take the trial. This made the cost per person who took the trial £3.30, which was considerably cheaper than the £24 average through other forms of marketing.

A tourist information offer wanted to post out brochures to people who were interested in visiting.

An advert showing a photo of the location and a few paragraphs were followed by a simple question asking if the person would like to receive a brochure through the post. When someone said yes, the opted in record was sent in real time to the client’s database and this triggered a brochure to be sent out. The cost of this brochure request through THE DATA PLATFORM was 65p. This is considerably cheaper than the price when using email marketing.


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